International Conference of NPO 2018

Blockchain for

Good Society

Creating an NPO public activity with blockchain

14:00 ~ 16:20  l  Conference Hall A 

Blockchain technology, with its core values of decentralization and transparency, has limitless potential for solving social problems. In Korea, blockchain technology, especially in association with cryptocurrency, is regarded as a means of speculation. However, Blockchain for Good Society will introduce how the blockchain is applied to issues related to refugees, comprehensive financing, credit, real estate, governance and the environment.

After presentations about cases and basic technology, the facilitator will use the Benefit ToolKit, a social problem solution ideation process kit, to conduct a small-group workshop. Even if you do not know anything about blockchain technology, you can participate in the workshop to study together how the blockchain can innovate methods for overcoming the obstacles and pain points of your organizations and developing solutions.

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© npoconference All Rights Reserved.